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Sonic Speed Simulator is a popular Roblox mode that has already had 192 million hits and about 30,000 online players every day, which is quite a lot compared to other modes. In this mode, you need to develop your speed by collecting coins and spheres to improve your character. Thanks to the script you practically have to do nothing, just run the Auto Rebirth and Auto Run functions and your character will improve for you. In addition to these functions it also has Unlock All Worlds, Unlock All Characters and others, to make the script work you will need to join the discord group of the developer and there to find the key.


To use the Sonic Speed Simulator Script, all you need to do is enter in some basic information about your computer. This includes the processor speed, the amount of RAM, and the graphics card. Once you have entered this information, the script will generate a simulation of how fast Sonic can run on your computer.

You should make use of Sonic Speed Simulator scripts for a different reason. You will be able to automatically run at a faster speed, jump higher, and collect more rings than ever before with the help of a script.

These are so far the best Sonic speed Simulator script GUIs. They can do so much to help you progress fast in the game. You will get high step counts and first rebirths in a matter of minutes. These scripts even have features like unlocking all worlds and completing all Obbys which is pretty cool. All the features this script offers are listed down below. This game is a massive hit so you will probably soon see some really OP Sonic speed simulator script guis.

So try to use them for a short period of time, and if possible use the new and updated scripts. The best practice is to wait for the new Sonic Speed Simulator Roblox Script to be released after each game update.

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