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Savely Yefremov
Savely Yefremov

Unite 42 (Unit 42) - Season 1

Unit 42 season one is streaming on Netflix now and true-crime fans are wanting to know if the series will be coming back for another season. Unit 42 is a Belgian crime series about detectives trying to tackle the criminals operating in cyberspace. Read on to find out more about the new series.

Unite 42 (Unit 42) - season 1


K4oS is back. After having hacked the black boxes of the national armament company with Billie at the beginning of the season, he launches his anarchic project on his own: a revolutionary application that will remunerate anyone who commits an act against the political order in place. As a growing wave of players shakes society, Unit 42 must do everything to stop this viral application, and stop K4oS before he disappears for good. A delicate mission for Billie, plagued by contradictory feelings: her need for justice and her attachment to her childhood sweetheart. 041b061a72


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