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Buy Prepaid Minutes Online

Even if surveillance overreach (abortion bounty-hunting, police use of face recognition) doesn't make you want to ditch your smartphone for something less connected, you could still consider a burner phone, a practically disposable prepaid mobile device that's not under contract with a wireless carrier.

buy prepaid minutes online

Also experience the best in prepaid Home Internet with Straight Talk. Cut the cord. Keep the cash. Sign up with no contract required to access unlimited fixed wireless home internet access starting at $45/mo + one time router cost.

Prepaid cards are sold at retail stores, online, over the phone, and at some banks and credit unions. If you buy your card at a retail store or at a bank or credit union branch, you may be able to start using it for purchases right away. If you purchase your card online or over the phone, you may be issued a virtual card or you may have to wait to get a physical card in the mail.

Purchased minutes online without problem over this past year, now login to my account without problem, provide info to purchase more minutes & only get red-font warnings & exclamation marks telling me can't complete purchase for myriad of possible reasons that are all very strange & evasive to me. What the heckie-poo is up !?!?!?

How is it that of all companies AT&T does not provide a PHONE NUMBER for customers to call so problems can be resolved ?? I have been searching the internet for near 2 months now, trying to buy more minutes &/or find a way to get some help from you folks. Do your shareholders know you make it sooooooo difficult for customers to spend their $$ for your services ???

@ATTHelp I am having the EXACT same issue as dh541n below. I called my credit card companies they've been informed that I am outside the USA and am having ZERO issues in purchasing items abroad with the notable exception of AT&T's pre-paid minutes!

Hello, I have tried to recharge two of my AT&T PrePaid phone cards, and my bank said that funds were taken from the credit card to pay for the service, but all I got was the same technical glitch that perplexedX10 has been getting, and below is what the error is when trying to make payment. Keep in mind, the bank show that virtualprepaidminutes is taking the funds, but is not recharging the cards at all, which means we have to submit a dispute with the bank to get those funds back. Any help would be appreciated.

I am having the same issues as the posters below. I am trying to add minutes to a prepaid card my mother uses. I have done this several times in the past without issue. Today (06/06) I am getting the same error messages as mentioned below; no minutes added, but the temporary hold has posted in both my bank account and on the CC on-line statement (I have tried with 2 different cards). I have also tried to call the customer service number, which in the end, directed me back to the virtual prepaid site. I then called back trying to find a human, and the call disconnected after I was put on hold.

Top up your AT&T Prepaid Plans on so you will never run out of AT&T minutes or texts. It only takes a few taps! We know how frustrating it is to not have enough credit. Just when you need to call your Mom, text your friend or look something up online. With you can top up your AT&T phones (and others) immediately. You'll be back on your phone before you know it!Refilling AT&T Pay as you Go has never been easier!Simply select an ATT Prepaid Plan amount and pay with PayPal, American Express, Mastercard, VISA, credit card/debit card, or with more than 23 other safe and secure payment methods. You'll receive the digital ATT Prepaid Card code within seconds.Get your AT&T Prepaid Refill Card on It's fast, safe & simple.Looking for an alternative or similar product to an AT&T Refill Card? We recommend:

To use toll-free numbers, Communications Credits are required as these calls are billed per minute. Also, we recommend that you set up Communications Credits for your Calling Plan and Audio Conferencing users who need the ability to dial out to any PSTN destination. Many countries/regions are included, but some destinations may not be included in your Calling Plan or Audio Conferencing subscriptions. If you don't set up Communications Credits or assign a license to your users and you run out minutes for your organization (depending on your Calling Plan, Audio Conferencing plan, or your country/region), those users won't be able to make calls or dial out from Online Audio Conferencing meetings.

Ads from certain prepaid card providers claim that buyers can make hundreds or thousands of minutes of calls to certain advertised destinations for just a few dollars. In reality, a consumer using these particular cards could make calls for only a fraction of those minutes due to multiple hidden fees and surcharges. In 2015, the FCC fined six companies $30 million for deceptive marketing of calling cards.

When looking for a good prepaid plan, you want to look for flexibility and basic features like unlimited talk and text, unlimited data, or varying amounts of data that you can choose based on your needs. Despite being cheaper than postpaid cell phone plans, prepaid phone plans can be competitive. Small cell phone companies, which are known as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), often have more plans and can beat larger carriers on price.

In our Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans of 2023 rating, plans from Tello, Mint Mobile, Visible, and Google Fi are featured. Read on to learn more about each company and what they offer in terms of prepaid cell phone plans.

Deprioritization is another concern with prepaid data plans. Since MVNOs are small wireless companies that lease network access from large carriers, like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, MVNO customers are often deprioritized when competing for data. That means, in times of a busy network, customers of large carriers get access to faster data speeds while MVNOs customers get slower speeds. A report from data company, Tutela, says MVNOs run 23% slower than large carriers. Getting faster speeds costs more, so prepaid plans are usually more affordable for that reason.

For most of the companies in our ratings, you can visit their website or speak with a customer service representative to place an order over the phone. Honorable mention Metro by T-Mobile has in-person brick-and-mortar locations and customers can activate new cell phone plans online or in the store. You can look up a store location on its website and visit the store in person to set up a cell phone plan.

Telephone Prepaid Debit Cards (a.k.a. Prepaid Calling Cards): Telephone prepaid debit cards (referred to as prepaid calling cards under California Business & Professions Code Section 17538.9), offer the consumer the convenience of making (primarily) long distance calls, domestically or internationally, from any phone or phone number, without using cash, even where the customer may not have his or her own service account.

Telephone prepaid debit card calls are typically made by calling a toll-free number and entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) printed on the back of the phone card. Customers normally purchase phone debit cards for specific dollar amounts. The debit cards provide long distance minutes based upon rates set by the debit card service provider. As calls are made, the usable minutes are automatically deducted from the card balance. Some debit cards are re-chargeable, allowing the user to add more calling time by dialing a toll-free number or accessing a website and using a major credit card.

Prepaid Wireless Services with Assigned Phone Number: This form of prepaid service requires a customer to purchase and activate a carrier specific handset (a mobile phone), and to load or purchase usage minutes for the handset. The customer can either purchase and/or reload the minutes online, or via prepaid wireless refill cards sold at retail outlets. Prepaid wireless refill cards are also commonly advertised as prepaid wireless cards, prepaid airtime cards and prepaid cell-phone cards. The service links the handset to a specific telephone number and account, where credits are added to, and debits subtracted from, the previously established account balance.

Both types of phone cards, telephone prepaid debit card and prepaid wireless refill card, are sold by third party retailers at locations such as convenience stores, liquor stores, discount stores, supermarkets, department stores, and small markets and shops. They can also be purchased on the Internet, including directly from the carrier or service provider.

If you wish to become a telephone prepaid debit card service provider, i.e., to contract with an underlying carrier to run the prepaid phone card "platform", and have control over the rates, connection fees, charges, and other fees, and if you intend to market your business in California, then you must register with the CPUC prior to offering and/or distributing your prepaid phone cards or prepaid phone service. See the registration requirements under Public Utilities Code sections 885 and 886. Pursuant to section 887, you must also conform to the requirements of California Business and Professions Code Section 17538.9 relating to the sale of prepaid phone cards.

"The company shall print legibly on the card or packaging, and the vendor shall make available in a prominent area at the point of sale of the prepaid calling card or prepaid calling services, the following information:

As a distributor or retail vendor of telephone prepaid debit cards provided by the debit card service provider, and which you typically buy at discount and sell for a profit to end users, you need to be aware of the requirements of California Business and Professions Code Section 17538.9 relating to the sale of prepaid phone cards. Section 17538.9 has subparts that apply to distributors and retail vendors, as well as the company offering the prepaid calling card, all of which are designed to ensure that the card consumer knows what he or she is getting. 041b061a72


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