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Subtitle Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

After three summers of Friday The 13th movies, the series took a brief a hiatus. Skipping a year, the fourth movie dumped the numbering in the title and promised us one final outing: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. So this is it. The final movie in the series. No more Friday the 13th movies after this one. This is my final review of this franchise.

subtitle Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

This brings me to the more goofy aspects of the movie. In the previous movies Jason took out people who were secluded from the rest. This would then result in a reveal scene in which the final girl comes across all the bodies he left behind. While it takes some suspension of disbelief that people can be missing for hours and all the people are shrugging it off, it is not entirely unrealistic. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter takes it to a whole new level.

Unlike many "final chapter" horror movies where the monster finally dies, Saw: The Final Chapter (also known as Saw 3D) was the seventh movie in a franchise where the killer died in the third movie. In fact, the man known as Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) was revealed to have a terminal brain tumor in the first Saw movie, so keeping him around until Saw III was probably the best they could realistically do. As he died, the franchise became about his legacy and others continuing his work, starting with Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith), the former drug addict who survived the "reverse bear trap" in the first movie. As further movies were released, more of Jigsaw's surviving victims were revealed as secret collaborators and apprentices who continued the work of setting deadly traps intended to teach their targets to "appreciate life." But in The Final Chapter, the circle was meant to be closed, with the final apprentice being killed by the Cary Elwes character from the first movie, with nobody left who wanted to carry on Jigsaw's work.

Except, of course, that the movie made enough money that the studio decided to make Friday the 13th: A New Beginning the very next year. As the subtitle implies, that sequel was meant to restart the series with a new killer taking Jason's place, but when fans didn't take to that idea, the next sequel was titled Friday the 13th: Jason Lives, in which he was resurrected as the immortal supernatural killer he's been ever since.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare was the sixth film in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, released in 1991. Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) is finally defeated by a woman named Maggie (Lisa Zane) who has recently discovered she's his daughter. Along the way, viewers get see flashbacks about Freddy's life before he became an immortal dream creature. Everything about this movie, especially the title, pointed to it being the last chapter of the Nightmare series. Of course it was financially successful, so much like Jason, Freddy was bound to return.

You already know how this story goes, right? Resident Evil: The Final Chapter made a ton of money, so of course there will be more Resident Evil movies. The next one is still early in development, and may be a reboot of the franchise, but it will still make that final chapter a lot less final.

This series is a little different than the others, and if you're not a fan of Syfy Original Movies, you may be surprised to learn that there's even more than one Lake Placid. In fact, years after the original 1999 theatrical film that introduced the titular lake full of killer crocodiles, Lake Placid 2 premiered on Syfy in 2007. Like many movies on that channel, it abandoned any attempt at real horror in favor of deliberate kitsch and lowbrow comedy. That set the tone for the films to follow. Lake Placid: The Final Chapter was just as silly, and ended with another crocodile attack, making its status as a final chapter in the series particularly questionable. Sure enough, in 2015 the crocodiles returned, and they weren't alone. Lake Placid vs. Anaconda, which probably wasn't as hotly anticipated as Freddy vs. Jason, combined two series that had found homes on Syfy for an epic battle of crocs versus snake.

The third movie in the Omen series, released in 1981, was intended to be the last, but the subtitle The Final Conflict means more than that. Damien Thorne, the Antichrist who was introduced as a child in the first The Omen, is now an adult played by a young Sam Neill. He's attempting to take power in the world and prevent the second coming of Christ, so this isn't just the final conflict of the Omen series, but of human history within the world of that series. Damien is killed before he can bring his plans to fruition, and a vision of Christ even appears to cement that ultimate good has triumphed over ultimate evil.

Children of the Corn was the rare horror franchise to drop a "final" into the subtitle as soon as the second film. But to be fair, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice didn't happen until 1992, eight years after the original's 1984 release, so for a long time there was no reason to believe it was anything but a standalone horror film.

  • Loads of people have joked about the "Final Chapter" tease, as the Friday the 13th franchise used "The Final Chapter" as a subtitle for its fourth (and decidedly not-final) entry. Especially true when Scott ended up making a new game in the series after all.

  • Comparisons to Silent Hills, given the timing of its cancellation and FNAF 4's first teaser, have also sprung up.

  • When first revealed, fans described Nightmare Freddy as a mechanical Multi-Bear. or as an animatronic bear version of Giygas, earning him the Fan Nickname of "Giygas Freddy". Nightmare Freddy is also subject to jokes about being a single dad, with the Fredlings as his children.

  • "NIGHTMARE", the hidden caption in all the images so far. Mostly used sarcastically by those who find the new designs ridiculous.

  • The promotional images of the Nightmare animatronics slightly hidden in shadows with the caption "Was it me?" spawned numerous parody images with characters such as the fan, Vince McMahon, Dio Brando, and others taking the place of the animatronics.

  • "WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!" came about shortly after people first began beating the game and gained a lot of traction after Scott's decision to keep the box closed.

  • Breadbear.Explanation A fan-made attempt at making an "unwithered" and "unnightmare" version of Nightmare Fredbear (as in, fixing all the withered and nightmare-like parts of a character to make him look normal). The look on his face as well as the poorly-made design in general has spawned a ton of memes about him, as well as a whole new nickname.

  • ... Was that the Bite of '87?! Explanation Markiplier has a particularly memorable reaction to the Night 5 minigame. As the scene goes on, he gets increasingly tenser as he realizes where it's heading, culminating in him flinching in fright as Fredbear bites down. Cue Mark staring at the screen in Stunned Silence as the game goes to the title menu, and turning to the camera and saying the quote after around 20 seconds. Various mashups pairing the audio with similar visuals or other references to the Bites of '83 and '87 exist. Incidentally, the event depicted in the minigame is not the Bite of '87.

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