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Ebony T Girl Neon !!EXCLUSIVE!!

The chunky E-girl highlight look is achieved by bleaching the front section of your hair to create a contrasting look against the rest of your strands.This high contrast look pairs a dark brown base with bleach blonde front pieces.

ebony t girl neon

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Dainty streaks are also just as effective when paired with dark brown hair. You can also achieve the same look when going for an e-girl with a black hair look. Keep your front highlighted strands super thin for an even edgier style.

Hit two trends at once with this colored curtain fringe hairstyle. If you want to stick to a more natural e-girl with black hair look, opting to color just your bangs is the best way to try out the look without having to worry about too much upkeep and commitment.

For extra E-girl points, try coloring the front of your hair a bright pink shade. This vibrant hue flatters a range of skin tones. We especially love how it looks when paired with a coordinating eye shadow!

No E-girl black hair look is complete without bold colorful makeup and the signature moody aesthetic. Just like your hair streaks, choose brightly colored scrunchies and make-up when achieving this aesthetic.

The best thing about chunky e-girl highlights? You can easily braid them, just like this. The last part of this style is all about the texture. Create movement and some intentional messiness with a few sprays of Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray. This spray will create volume, movement, and a lightweight hold, to make sure your E-girl hairstyle survives the day.

To amp up the drama, go for this edgy, e-girl with black hair and an ashy half-dyed look that we spotted on this beauty. These thicker highlights offer a face-framing pop of light color that instantly brightens the face.

Just look at how cool this half-up hairstyle is! This e-girl with black hair look is one of the many high contrast variations. Opt for a thicker section like this to make the blonde color stand out more in half-updos.

This cool face-framing look is totally trending for 2021. The girl with black hair and blonde streaks is more of a fashion-forward take on e-girl hair. Opting for a blunt sleek cut with the high contrast in colors is a great way to elevate the trend while still being playful with the look.

This single e-girl streak provides the perfect starting point for those that want to dip their toe into this trend. This partial single streak is a great way to try out the trend and see if you want to be more bold with it, without full committing to the look.

No matter which style or color you choose to go for, E-girl hairstyles are all about wearing them with confidence. If you start with a bleach blonde look, you can then transition into a pastel color, and if you start with black hair you can go for a high contrast look, the perfect way to try every E-girl hairstyle and color. 041b061a72


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