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Deseo 2013: A Movie About Sexual Desire and Social Class in Mexico

Deseo 2013: A Movie About Sexual Desire and Social Class in Mexico

Deseo 2013 is a comedy-drama-romance movie that explores the lives of different characters who are connected by sexual desire, but separated by class, state and racial prejudice in Mexico. The movie is based on the play "La Ronde" by Arthur Schnitzler, and directed by Antonio Zavala Kugler. It features a star-studded cast, including Christian Bach, Ari Borovoy, Pedro Damian, Lila Downs, Paulina Gaitan, Edith Gonzalez, Paola Nunez, Gerardo Taracena, Leonor Varela and Geraldine Zinat.

The movie follows a chain of relationships that starts with a casual encounter between a teenage prostitute and a sailor, and ends with a surprising twist. Along the way, we meet archetypal characters representing the different strata of society polarized in Mexico, such as a young woman who dreams of becoming a singer, a wealthy businessman who cheats on his wife, a politician who is blackmailed by his lover, a famous actress who is unhappy with her marriage, and a peasant who falls in love with a foreigner.

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The movie shows how sexual desire, due to class, state and racial prejudice, will never develop in love in Mexico. Although perhaps someone could break the invisible barrier and come to the feeling of what we all desire. The movie is a provocative and humorous portrait of the Mexican society, where sex is often used as a weapon or a commodity.

If you are looking for a movie that combines comedy, drama and romance with social commentary and eroticism, you should watch Deseo 2013. You can find it online for free on M4uFree[^1^] or download it from YTS[^2^]. You can also watch the trailer on Vimeo[^3^] or YouTube[^4^]. Deseo 2013 is a movie that will make you laugh, cry and think about the role of sex and love in our lives.

Deseo 2013 has received positive reviews from critics and audiences who praised its adaptation of Schnitzler's play, its cinematography, its music and its cast. The movie has a rating of 4.7 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 62 user ratings. Some of the reviewers have called it a "cinematic gem from Mexico", a "wonderful film" and a "provocative and humorous portrait of the Mexican society". The movie has also been compared to La Ronde, a French film from 1950 that was also based on Schnitzler's play.

Deseo 2013 is a movie that will appeal to fans of comedy, drama and romance genres, as well as to those who are interested in the social and cultural aspects of Mexico. The movie explores themes such as sexual desire, love, power, class, race and identity through the stories of different characters who are linked by their encounters. The movie also shows the diversity and richness of the Mexican culture, with its music, landscapes, traditions and languages.

If you want to watch Deseo 2013 online for free or download it, you can use the links provided in this article. You can also find more information about the movie on IMDb or The A.V. Club. Deseo 2013 is a movie that will make you experience different emotions and sensations, as well as learn more about the Mexican society and its people. 29c81ba772


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