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Capture, Edit, and Annotate Your Screenshots with WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable | FTUApps

WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable: The Ultimate Screen Capture Tool FTUApps

If you are looking for a fast and user-friendly utility for taking and editing screenshots, you might want to check out WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable. This is a software that allows you to capture windows of non-rectangular form with transparent backgrounds, including Aero Glass, and instantly enhance them with professional-looking shadows, reflections, highlights, outlines, watermarks, and color effects. Moreover, it allows you to quickly edit and annotate your screenshots afterwards.

In this article, we will give you an overview of WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable and show you how to download it for free from FTUApps. FTUApps is a trusted source of cracked software that offers high-speed and secure downloads. You can find many other useful tools and applications on their website as well.

WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable [FTUApps]


What are the features of WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable?

WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable has many features that make it one of the best screen capture tools for Windows. Some of these features are:

  • Flexible screen capture capabilities: You can capture any region of your screen, including full screen, application window, active window, region, object, menu, tooltip, etc. You can also capture multiple windows and objects with one click using the Multi-Object capture mode.

  • Smoothing shadow effect in Photoshop style: You can add realistic shadows to your screenshots to make them look more natural and elegant. You can also adjust the shadow color, opacity, angle, distance, and blur.

  • Powerful image processing and basic canvas transformations: You can resize, crop, rotate, flip, mirror, and adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and color balance of your screenshots. You can also add frames, shapes, arrows, lines, text, watermarks, and other annotations to your screenshots.

  • Support of various image formats and advanced auto-save options: You can save your screenshots in various image formats, such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, etc. You can also configure the auto-save options to automatically save your screenshots to a specified folder with a custom file name.

  • Easy Web publishing and E-Mail sending: You can easily upload your screenshots to FTP servers or image hosting services with one click. You can also send your screenshots via E-Mail using the built-in E-Mail client.

Multilingual user interface (Unicode based): You can use WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable in your preferred language. The software supports EnglishSome of the benefits of using WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable are:

  • Portable: You can run the software from any USB flash drive or external hard drive without installing it on your computer. This makes it convenient and safe to use on any Windows PC.

  • Multilingual: You can use the software in your preferred language. The software supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more.

  • Pixelate tool: You can blur or pixelate any part of your screenshot to hide sensitive or personal information. You can also adjust the pixel size and shape according to your needs.

  • Advanced resize feature: You can resize your screenshots without losing quality or aspect ratio. You can also choose from various presets or enter custom values for width and height.

  • Configurable outline and shadow effect for shapes and text: You can add outlines and shadows to your shapes and text to make them stand out and look more professional. You can also customize the color, width, opacity, angle, distance, and blur of the outlines and shadows.

How to download WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable for free?

If you want to download WinSnap v6.0.1 (x64) Multilingual Portable for free from FTUApps, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose a download server from the list and wait for the download to start.

  • Extract the downloaded file using WinRAR or any other extraction tool.

  • Run the WinSnap.exe file and enjoy using the software.

  • No activation or installation required.

Note: This is an illegal way of downloading the software and we do not recommend it. If you like the software and find it useful, please support the developers by purchasing the full version. e3ff22d237


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