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We as a party will oppose every attempt to reduce the Britishness of Northern Ireland, and we will expose the anti-British bigotry that drives that agenda. The starkest example is the disgraceful protest parade organised by Sinn Fein against the home-coming of our brave troops tomorrow. The mask has now fallen off, and, behind it, the ugly face of Republican sectarian bigotry has been laid bare for all to see.

David Laid

GRAY: Well, I think that's right. Under the rules laid down by the EU last week, if we don't get this deal through on the 11 - or on the 12, rather, of April, we will then just leave the European Union. Now, I don't like the expression crash out because I actually believe we could leave in a perfectly well-managed way, and we might well have to do that. We can use the World Trade Organization entitlements for trading after that. And that most of the things that are of issue between us can be perfectly happily sorted out in a bilateral basis, so I don't think it'd be a total catastrophe at all if we left. Indeed, many people that I'm speaking to are saying they think it would be a great deal better if we left with no deal than leaving with this particular option. So it wouldn't be catastrophe.

He said: If the relevant secondary legislation was laid, it is theoretically possible for any recall notice to include firstly the election of a Speaker and Deputy Speakers, and then a motion citing the relevant regulations and seeking their approval.

Having heard nothing from Mr Crosby or the Tories Ms Hodge, who challenged Amazon, Starbucks and Google over tax avoidance in her role as chair of the Public Accounts Committee, has laid out in clear terms the seven questions that the pair must answer to dispel growing concerns that the Australian's personal tax affairs have had an influence on Conservative party policy on tax avoidance and non-doms. 041b061a72


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