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Gabbar Is Back |TOP| Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Hd

A flashback soon reveals that Aditya's pregnant wife Sunaina died when the buildings in their colony collapsed and killed hundreds of other people too. Aditya collected proof of the faulty buildings against builder Digvijay, who bribed everyone and tried to bribe Aditya too by offering Rs. 10 million to spare the matter, but Aditya spurned the offer by fighting everyone in the room and nearly killing Digvijay. Aditya spared him when the latter asked for forgiveness, but Digvijay brutally retaliated by hitting him with an axe and left him for dead. However, a bus full of medical students found the unconscious Aditya on a highway and saved his life. He then decided to use the power of idealistic, young, honest youths and trained students at National College to join his cause. Meanwhile, Sadhuram finds that all the honest officers attended National College for graduation. Shruti discovers that Aditya is the real Gabbar and is shocked but when he tells her the truth, she supports his cause.

Gabbar Is Back full movie in hindi dubbed hd



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