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South Indian Bridal Hair Accessories Buy Online

Nothing beats fresh flowers when it comes to bridal hairstyles. South Indian brides, in particular, experiment with colourful flowers in their hair. Be it red roses or sunshine daisies, brides from down South never cease to add that oomph to their hairstyle with an elaborate hair accessory.

south indian bridal hair accessories buy online

While a basic donut will look beautiful in itself but combining it with a braid will amp up your hairstyle. Tie your hair in a donut bun, use flowers to decorate it in a way that the centre of the bun stays bare. Then suspend a faux braid and use traditional brooch accessories.

South Indian brides bring so much elegance to the table with their traditional attire. Be it their temple jewellery or the beautiful jadas, they carry themselves with so much grace and we totally heart that. The minute we see a South Indian bride, the first thing that comes to notice is either the gorgeous maathapatti or the stunning hair accessories.

Well, we all know that South Indian brides go for braids as their bridal hairstyle predominantly but the dulhans, these days, are not afraid to experiment with their shaadi looks. They make sure that they go with something that will make them stay authentic to their roots and yet look fashionable. Also, they ensure they decorate their gorgeous locks with some beautiful hair accessories. So, here are the bridal hair accessories for South Indian brides that make or break the look. Check them out!

Naga Jadai is a long bridal hair accessory for South Indian brides that covers up the entire braid. Nothing adds bling to your bridal hairstyle like this stunning accessory. There are several types of naga jadais available in the market. While some have divine motifs, others have designs resembling flowers.

Billais are stone-like jewels that are used to accessories the braids along with flowers. These clips vary in size and are generally arranged in descending order on the braid. Not only do you get unlimited options when it comes to billais, but they also look absolutely gorgeous. You can also get them customised by adding flowers to the stones. They complement the South Indian bridal hairdo in the perfect way.

They are another must-have as far as hair accessories for South Indian brides are concerned. The Raakodi is like a giant juda pin. This bridal hair accessory is either put at the start of the braid or on the juda. So, for South Indian brides, who do not prefer to wear flowers in their hair, this can be a great option.

Venis are small strings of artificial flowers, which are tied to the start of the braid. It can be either below or above the raakodi depending on your hairstyle. Usually, multiple venis are used in the bridal hairdo to match the attire.

An Indian bride wears a minimum of sixteen kinds of accessories.(Solah singar). You feel that is quite a lot to take? Let us decode the Indian bridal accessories here. Let us talk about Indian bridal hair accessories which includes jewelry like the Maang tikka, juda pins billas etc. So what are the hair accessories that you should pick up? Here is a detailed list.

So ladies all these bridal hair accessories are a must have. Any haircuts, try doing it atleast a month before the big day. Go for regular hair spas and keep your hair nourished. Remember to take care of your hair for D day!!

Hair accessories are most common when there is any wedding nearby. Women wear all sorts of hair jewellery to look glamorous. The hair accessories for wedding functions are very common for the women out there. If you are getting married, you mainly focus on finding the perfect matching accessories that would go well with the wedding lehenga you have. Also, you select the perfect bridal hair accessories that will go with the style, as this is very important for sure. Everything is available on the internet these days, from the fantastic Maang tikka to flower buns. You can check out unique maang tikka designs to make sure that you look the absolute best in the events that are yet to come for sure.

The bridal accessories for the hair go perfectly well with traditional clothes such as sarees and salwars. So, for those who want to upgrade the style statement, having the hair accessories will be an easy and bold choice for sure. You will have to get these fantastic hair accessories because they are essential and pretty appealing. Worn all over the country by ladies, these hair accessories are a must for women who want to make sure that their style game is always on point.

There are so many unique options available to you right here when it comes to hair accessories. We at Mirraw have a lot to offer you when you want to have hair accessories. We have an extensive collection of beautiful hair accessories with the best designs, which are bound to impress everyone. Shop right now, and you will be getting the stunning hair jewellery that you need.

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