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Balgandharva Movie 2011 Songs 11 ((TOP))

He has tried to weave poetry of the era into contemporary times. "This is my first Marathi movie and I was a little apprehensive when Nitin asked me to write songs. I was excited too, since I come from theatre and belong to a family of classical singers. I understand what Bal Gandharva means to Maharashtrians," he added.

Balgandharva Movie 2011 Songs 11

Terrific review Kaustubh. The hero of the film IS the MUSIC. It is the MOST perfect part of the movie, I felt. The casting of Kaushal Inamdar by the director, and then the casting of Anand Bhate by Kaushal was the Ace! It came to me as a surprise that the bhajan CHINMAYA SAKAL HRIDAYA (shot exquisitely by Mahesh Limaye) was composed by Kaushal Inamdar himself and is not a BALGANDHARVA original. If that is the case... Kaushal is really nothing short of a genius. Because it is simply great to compose a tune that will APPEAR to be a Balgandharva original. All said and done, Balgandharva has been a great experience for me. (Also the audio CD - which has 21 songs, some not in the film) is a real treat. Note: I have forwarded your link to Kaushal Inamdar (on FB... I don't know him personally).Uday

Thank you Uday,glad you liked it, the movie was a thoroughly satisfying experience. The talent that was Bal Gandharva was 2 generations before my time but the connect is through my grandmother who was a huge fan and would sing his songs.Thank you for forwarding the link to Kaushal Inamdar, his has been a sterling effort without a doubt

Dear Kaustabh, so glad you replied!You are right, I don't know the Marathi musical theater at all, except from having read that it existed. I have watched a decent number of Hindi movies and one other Marathi one, done some reading about them, and found people to discuss them with (less easily said than done!). All along I've been hugely interested in the history of these musical entertainment forms in India. This movie partly feeds that hunger, mostly in showing this theatre world. A question if you are willing to bother: I have to put this very vaguely - was one of the songs in the movie also used in Umrao Jaan (the Aishwarya one), or in another well-known courtesan movie like Pakeezah or something?Finally in case you are interested, the director told us at the film festival that for the movie he chose the most well-known songs of the artist to include in the movie, and then organized his telling of the story around the themes of the songs. The songs were translated in the subtitles but I'd have to watch it more times to really get something like that. And one more question - do people in Bombay in general know these songs, apart form the people who grew up going to Marathi theatre?Anyhow thanks!! Virginia 350c69d7ab


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