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Sims 4 Base Game Download 'LINK' Mac

The Sims 4 has officially gone free-to-play, and indeed players can now download the base game on Mac, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X without spending a dime. While this is not a particularly difficult thing to do, each platform does have its own quirks, which may leave some fans slightly confused about how to download The Sims 4 for free. This guide is here to dispel that confusion by walking players through the download process on all suitable platforms.

Sims 4 Base Game Download Mac

The process of downloading The Sims 4 on a Mac is almost identical the process of downloading it on PC. The key difference is that players should start by downloading the Origin app and then login with an Origin account. From there, fans should simply search for The Sims 4 within the app and download the base game from the store page.

Xbox owners who are interested in downloading The Sims 4 should start by navigating to the Home screen and opening the Store. These fans should then enter The Sims 4 into the search bar, click on the game, and install it from the product page that appears.

To note, while the base Sims 4 experience is free-to-play, that is not the case with its various packs. Indeed, players must still pay for The Sims 4 DLC if they are interested in any add-ons, and there are quite a number of packs to peruse. That said, there is a reasonable amount of content in the base game, which should keep new players busy for a while.

Note: You can change the language of the game at any time before launching the game. However, you would have to wait for all supporting files to be downloaded, installed, and verified each time you choose to do so.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will contain some of the great updates added to the base game since launch, ranging from Ghosts and Pools, to New Careers, Half-Walls, Dishwashers and more. Not to mention, we also added the world of Newcrest to give your Sims space to continue to grow; overhauled the Create a Sim tool to provide expanded gender customization options; and most recently, added Toddlers as a new playable life state!

This license is commonly used for video games and it allows users to download and play the game for free. Basically, a product is offered Free to Play (Freemium) and the user can decide if he wants to pay the money (Premium) for additional features, services, virtual or physical goods that expand the functionality of the game. In some cases, ads may be show to the users.

(User specific) By default Origin installs to the system Applications folder, /Applications. By default the game installs to the Mac user account Applications folder that downloaded it, /Users/[User1]/Applications. If another user account is set up, User2, and they attempt to update the game in that account, the DiP_STAGED error appears as they do not have permission to access User1's Applications folder. To fix this you must be logged into User1:

This will fix the issue but is a pain, I know To uninstall the game you right click on it in your Origin Games Library and select Uninstall. After you have uninstalled please run the Origin reset tool again. Then restart your Mac, launch Origin and download the game.

For some reason my game won't update. I tried to play today and it started updating automatically, verifying the game files and such, and it downloaded, but when it started updating it stopped around 60% and brought up this error (image included, the first one) I quit origin and re-opened it, trying again and the same thing happened, and I uninstalled Origin and reinstalled it, but it still didn't work. I'd really like some help as it won't let me play the game without updating.

I recently just updated to the new origin, I then had to update the sims 4 games. I've been trying to update the Sims 4 game for the last two days and it only progresses 2-5% each time before i get this alert :

If you're a fan of life simulation games, you'll be happy to hear that The Sims 4 has officially gone free to play. Although the expansion packs and DLCs will still cost money, you can download the base game for free and start playing today.

If you're wondering how to get access to the title yourself, take a look at our download guide below. With EA already teasing it's next Sims game, Project Rene, now is a great time to start playing the latest installment in the series.

The next thing you'll need to have a firm grasp of is the interface in The Sims 4. The interface is a bit different than previous installments of the game, but it's fairly straightforward. You will be essentially interacting with objects and other sims. You will also need to pay attention to emotions and personal statuses.

Presume the next DLC will be SP32 then, instead of downloading several GB, it will be restricted to maybe 250 MB)For just (Pre-)Updates you do not need anything at all. Just play the game and it will be automatically updated to the latest version.

it still not working and I did everything but when im offline it shows that I own the packs but I need the base game to use them when I have the base game so im so confused Can anyone help? has anyoneim on MacBook btw

Once done with step one, the entitlements command should have instructed you to quit the sims 4 and origin. After you have quit, do NOT open again. You are now going to add your DLCs, and do not want to touch either origin/the game until you have completed this process.

NOTE: you MUST be offline every time you run sims 4, or else you will not see your DLCs working. You can go online once in the game, but you will always need to be offline in origin to start your game.

still having issues with the red and white checkered mesh appearing all over the DLCs objects in CAS. I dont have any mods or cc installed, and have cleared cache in both origin and sims. and proceeded to redownload origin and sims as well.

hi, i got a problem. I successfully downloaded the file and its alright but when it go the the map, it crushed and everything turns into question mark and my sims become red and white. Is there any way I could fix it? I removed all my mod and its still like this

Hey I have followed all the steps but i want to put the DLCs on an external drive because of storage issues. Is that possible? I have tried to do it and when i open sims 4 it says i have all the packs but when i play the game none of the features show up. Could you help?

All the dlcs worked until i installed 2 new dlcs now none of the packs show up in game, i ran the unlocker again and watched the vids and it still doesnt work, also my sims 4 packs folder appears twice for some reason

so i followed the steps but nothing shows up?? and i cant go online in sims 4 because i have legacy edition so online access is disabled, i repaired the game in origin and redownloaded the DLC unlocker but nothing shows up in the game so idk if im doing it right or am i supposed to download the DLCs and put them somethere

i tried to download everything that it said i even went back and change my packs but when i put it under mods it doesnt work or when i did it under the sims 4 pack folder it still didnt work idk if im doing it wrong or not but everything i enter the game it doesnt say i own it im a mac user so i dont know thw problem

MAC USERS: hey for anyone having trouble with the packs being owned but not able to download when offline mode in the sims game: I realized I had the disks version and not the folder version free floating in the content folder. The folder versions of the DLC are inside the delta folder so just transfer those folders that are in the delta folder in the same content folder. It should work then.

First run the delete entitlements command then using Ccleaner or whatever you use to remove applications Uninstall Origin. restart computer. reinstall Origin. Sign back into origin let the game download or repair itself. Quit Origin make sure its closed. Then run Fix Origin cmd then reopen origin again stay online open your game while game is open and your online Run the Add fake cmd follow the steps. Close the game and origin again. Then reopen origin when it opens go to the top left menu bar where is says accounts click that and select go off-line then open your game library and open the game.

Guys The Files work fine you just need to run delete cmd and uninstall origin. Re-install, let the game download, close origin then run the FIX cmd. Then reopen origin while being online run FAKE cmd follow steps and your golden.

this worked for me. I had to reinstall my game and packs I already bought. Direct download the iso files and drag the folder into packs folder. run the fix orgin command. start orgin, go offline, start game

omg this is the only comment that helped me. except after i added the iso files to the sims 4 packs, i did step one again and then followed the rest of the instructions and it worked!! also fyi you have to click on the iso thingy and THEN it opens the iso folder, that is what you put in the game.

okay i think im on the right track this time, theres one huge issue blocking me though. whenever i open the sims, it automatically opens origin to boot it up. how can i prevent this from happening? im on macbook with the legal base game btw! thank you ^^

hello! i need some help with getting the packs into my game. i am sure i am doing something wrong. i have went through every instruction carefully, put my desired dlcs into the sims 4 folder inside contents (the folder you can access by right clicking the sims 4 app and going into packaging contents). i have reinstalled my game and the dlc unlocker several times, i go offline in origin, etc. i am just having an issue with getting my dlcs in, ive mounted the isos and everything, am


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