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How To Download And Install Autocom CDP Pro 2011.3 Software

Download Autocom CDP Pro 2011.3 for Free and Fix Your Vehicle Problems

Autocom CDP Pro is a professional diagnostic tool for cars and trucks that allows you to perform various functions such as reading and erasing fault codes, live data, actuator tests, service reset, and more. It supports a wide range of vehicles from different manufacturers and models. In this article, we will show you how to download Autocom CDP Pro 2011.3 for free and use it to fix your vehicle problems.

How to Download and Install Autocom CDP Pro 2011.3 Software

Step 1: Get the USB security dongle

Before you can download and install the software, you need to have a USB security dongle that comes with your Autocom CDP Pro device. The dongle is a small device that plugs into the USB port of your computer and verifies your license information. If you don't have the dongle, you can buy one from Autocom's website or from authorized dealers. Make sure you get the correct dongle for your device model and serial number.

Step 2: Download the software

Once you have the dongle, you can download the software installation package from a reliable source such as MHH AUTO, a forum for automotive software enthusiasts. You can find the link to download Autocom CDP Pro 2011.3 here: The file size is about 3.8 GB so it may take some time depending on your internet speed. Alternatively, you can also download the software from Autocom's official website: However, you may need to pay a fee to access the latest releases.

Step 3: Install the software

Once the download is complete, run the installation wizard and follow the instructions on the screen. The License Activation Tool (LAT) will start automatically and connect to the internet to retrieve accurate license information for your unique VCI serial number. The installation will now start and the dongle will control what installations are available. You can choose to install the software for different languages and regions according to your preference. The installation process may take several minutes so please be patient.

Step 4: Connect your device and start diagnosing

After the installation is finished, you can connect your Autocom CDP Pro device to your computer via USB or Bluetooth (SPP) and launch the software from the desktop icon or the start menu. You will see a main menu with different options such as diagnose, settings, help, etc. To start diagnosing your vehicle, you need to select your vehicle make, model, year, engine type, etc. from the diagnose menu and then click on connect. The software will establish a communication with your vehicle's ECU and display various information such as VIN number, system status, fault codes, etc.

Step 5: Perform diagnostic functions

Depending on your vehicle and its systems, you can perform different diagnostic functions with your Autocom CDP Pro device such as:

  • Reading and erasing fault codes: You can read the fault codes stored in your vehicle's ECU and get detailed information about their meaning, causes, symptoms, etc. You can also erase them after fixing the problem or clearing the memory.

  • Live data: You can view various parameters of your vehicle's systems in real time such as engine speed, coolant temperature, fuel pressure, oxygen sensor values, etc.

  • Actuator tests: You can activate or deactivate certain components of your vehicle's systems such as injectors, relays, valves, etc. to test their functionality or locate faults.

  • Service reset: You can reset the service indicator or oil change reminder of your vehicle after performing a maintenance service.

  • And more: You can also perform other functions such as coding, programming, adaptation, calibration, etc. depending on your vehicle and its systems.

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