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[S7E17] She's Having My Baby Back Ribs

Writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross encountered the practice of wearing no pants before a show in order to maintain the crease while visiting their friend Sam Denoff backstage with Jerry Lewis.[2] Gamill and Pross came up with Jerry's predicament in the episode because they were amused by the idea of Seinfeld, who in real life fastidiously prepared for every show, having no material ready out of apparent laziness.[2] The resolution to Jerry's story was filmed but deleted due to episode length constraints. In the unused climactic scene, Jerry is inspired to go on stage without his pants and tell the story of why he is not wearing any pants, which earns tremendous laughs from the audience.[3] Other cut scenes include George awkwardly confronting his mother after sleeping with the doll, and Frank carrying his large package for Carlo on the flight to Tuscany, making the passenger beside him uncomfortable. The latter scene also revealed the contents of the package; Frank was re-gifting the doormat.[3]

[S7E17] She's Having My Baby Back Ribs

Alex enters the NICU and approaches Lucy. He says he knows all the nurses on this floor and he wonders how he missed her. He introduces himself, but she refuses to tell him her name. Alex asks for a chart. He heard there's a turnip. He and Arizona have a baby with a hypoplastic left heart and the transplant coordinator suggested the turnip as a donor. Lucy says she's Dr. Lucy Fields, who delivered the braindead baby. She tells him to leave and bars him from the NICU.

Alex joins Teddy, Arizona, Cristina, and Lucy as they're talking to the parents of the baby with the hypoplastic left heart. The parents wonder how this heart is certainly a good match. Cristina explains babies from under a year haven't developed an immune system, so matching is easier. The mother says she's not due for another four weeks, and her OB is out of town. Lucy says she has the OB's blessing to do the C-section today. Alex tells the father that time's an issue here. If they don't act fast, the heart's gonna go to another baby. Arizona decides to give the parents some space. They clear the room.

The residents are having lunch in a conference room. Cristina and Meredith are looking over Ellis's research. Cristina says she was a genius and advises Meredith to go with this research. She's really jealous, even though she gets to participate in a heart transplant on a baby that hasn't even been born yet. Alex says he's been on this baby's case for a month and he refuses to just sit here. He leaves as Lexie comes in. She asks Meredith to come see dad. She mentions his father's girlfriend. Jackson asks if she wants to talk about that, but she says no. Cristina wants to see this tattooed 20-year-old.

Lexie, Meredith, and Cristina are observing Thatcher and his girlfriends. Cristina gets paged to her baby. Lexie wants Meredith to go into her father's room without her, but Meredith says no. Thatcher then starts screaming in pain. The sisters rush into his room. Dani says this is what happened before as Meredith calls Bailey. Dani wants to comfort Thatcher, but Lexie yells to back up right now.

As Dani's sitting in the waiting room, Jackson offers Lexie some peanut butter cups. She starts eating. Lexie says Meredith's a jerk. Also, everyone around her is making huge life decisions and no one is considering how she will be affected. Her father has a new family and Mark's having a baby. He didn't even ask her opinion. He clobbered her again. He's leaving her behind again. So, they're done. They have to be, but she misses him. Lexie than realizes that Dani isn't the bitch; she is. Jackson says it would be a good start to stop calling her a tatted-up skank. Lexie thanks him for listening to her. He says any time.

Callie comes home and Mark informs her that he and Arizona made dinner for her. Arizona sees she's carrying coffee. Callie says she realizes things are going to be different. So, she will eat their dinner even though she craves a peanut butter sandwich. However, if they are going to do this whole voting thing, the baby gets a vote. As Callie houses the baby, she'll be speaking for her/him. Also, Callie gets an extra vagina vote. Callie says she'll have one cup of regular coffee a day until she starts breastfeeding. Nobody wants to argue with her vagina vote. Callie says they also vote that Mark gives her a foot rub. He leaves to get the lotion and she sips her coffee. 041b061a72


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