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Zelda Ocarina Of Time Strategy Guide Pdf Download

Next, you should go to the middle of the field to find the girl, Malon. Talk to her 3 times then use your ocarina and she will teach you Epona's Song. Epona will then start following you but you can't yet ride her as she's still just a foal. Finally, you should go to a building at the back of the ranch. Push some boxes out of the way and enter a crawlspace to find a piece of heart ?.

Zelda Ocarina Of Time Strategy Guide Pdf Download

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At the back of Kakariko Village graveyard, play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the big grave to unlock a secret entrance. Get to the end of the dungeon and use your ocarina in front of the big stone to learn Sun's Song! You can use it to switch between day and night at any time.

Your old friend Saria is waiting for you at the Sacred Forest Meadow. Return to Kokiri Forest and go north to enter the Lost Woods. Take 2 left turns then defeat the nearby Deku scrub and buy a capacity upgrade for Deku Sticks. Return to where you came from and take a right turn instead of a left. You will see a hanging bullseye. Shoot it 3 times for 100 points each time and you will be rewarded with a bigger Deku Seed bag, too. Then, hop down the cliff, jump on the tree stump, and show the 2 skull kids your ocarina. You will play a music session with them; during which, you have to memorize notes. After you play their songs correctly, you'll get a piece of heart ?!


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